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Mon - Thursday 9:00 - 18:00
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Public Holidays 9:00 - 15:00
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In 2006 the dream and vision of two entrepreneurs, Ismail Valli and Sayed Mia, became a reality with the opening of Trade Route Mall in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg. The vision: to create a holistic shopping experience for a community by the community.

From the outset of this venture, the Owner-Developers believed in the centre�s potential to grow and succeed and with this in mind, the plans always were to expand the centre, thereby seeing their vision to fruition.

Over the past few years, Trade Route Mall has shown consistent growth, a good indicator that the Phase Two expansion was timed perfectly.

Trade Route Mall is the only regional shopping centre in the area and caters to a population of approximately one million. With Phase Two having launched in December 2009, the Mall now offers a Gross Lettable Area (GLA) of 72,000m.

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Notice: No water in Lenasia

As you are aware that there are water restrictions in Johannesburg due to the drought which has affected Vaal dam tremendously. The Department of Water & Sanitation has issued a gazette requesting Rand Water to reduce its bulk water supply to each Gauteng municipalities by 15%.All municipalities are also requested to reduce their water supply to its residents by 15%.Residents are also required to reduce 15% of their water usage.

Johannesburg Water is also in process of reducing 15% of its supply to residents by a way of throttling reservoirs in areas where there is high water usage/consumption. Throttling means reducing the flow of water by certain percentage in that specific reservoir where the is high water usage. Throttling is not water shedding/rationing, therefore there is no schedule of when water will be switched off/on. Lenasia is one of the highest water consumers and this has seen an increase of water usage during the week of heat wave which affected our Lenasia cosmos reservoir, Lenasia Hospital hill reservoir & Lenasia high reservoir. Lenasia high has been the most affected of the 3 reservoirs in the area.

Yesterday Lenasia Cosmos reservoir ran very low which means the area where Trade route mall is located was affected hence no water in the Mall. Reservoir has not fully recovered as we have to balance water supply to all our 2 reservoirs in the area.

Residents are warned that the situation will get worse if there is reduction in water usage, Our reservoirs will run empty. It is very important that this communication is distributed to all the tenants in mall to adhere to water restriction that are in place.

NB: Starting from tonight we will be further restricting outflows from Lenasia Cosmos,Lenasia High and Lenasia hospital hill reservoir from 20:00pm � 05:00am everyday until end of the week on Sunday tom boost reservoir levels. During these times there will be poor pressure to no water in Lenasia & All Exts,lehae, Zakaryiya Park, Vlakfontein, Finetown

- No watering of gardens from 06:00am-18:0opm.
- No use of sprinklers/irrigation system is allowed.
- Washing cars/pavements with municipal water is not allowed.

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